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Becoming a Member

Why join Printing Industries? 

When you join us, we will give you industry-specific, specialised support and opportunities in areas such as:


Workplace Relations (Industrial Relations) & Legal Services 

  • Interpreting industrial Awards, employment contracts and Enterprise Agreements…
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Helping negotiate enterprise agreements
    • Complying with workplace legislation
  • Performance managing and terminating employment
  • Defending unfair dismissals, general protections claims, underpayment of wages and long service leave claims and other legal claims
  • Dealing with discrimination and harassment issues
  • Business-related legal support, such as Terms of Trade


Economic & Business Advice

  • General advice and consulting services
  • Trend and economic data
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Training sessions / webinars



Environmental Accreditation

Sustainable Green Print  - a nationally recognised and certified environmental management system.


Better Business

  • Superannuation
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Energy Savings
  • Phone Service Provider Savings
  • Internet Service Provider Savings

Networking & Events


    Industry Leadership

    We actively work for the greater good of the industry, such as reinforcing the importance and sustainability of printed communications to governments and the wider community, and encouraging young people into industry careers.


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