Liaison government, industry & unions

Printing Industries actively lobbies State and Commonwealth governments on employment regulation and represents your interests with trade unions at a peak industry level.
Liaison with employer groups

Printing Industries often broadens its influence by making joint submissions with organisations such as the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It also maintains close communication links with overseas employer organisations including the International Master Printers Association, the British Federation of Master Printers, the Printing Industries of America, and Printing Industries New Zealand.

Liaison with Government Agencies

Regular liaison is maintained with Commonwealth and State Government Agencies including the Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business, the Office of the Employment Advocate, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Workcover Authorities etc..

Liaison with Members

Close contact is maintained with members by way of a telephone information service, factory visits by Employee Relations Officers, industrial advice and service to specialist industry groups, Field Officer visits, District Group meetings.

Liaison with Unions

Printing Industries and the printing union have been able to develop co-operation and a common front on a number of important matters of mutual interest and concern. Considerable success has been achieved in relation to Tariffs and Prices Justification matters, submissions to Governments on Import and Export Policies, Book Bounty, availability of raw materials, Training and Statistical Research.