Workcover NSW Resources

This section offers a comprehensive range of WorkCover resources covering key areas of interest to members including risk management; chemical management; noise, slips, trips and falls; plant and equipment; workers compensation; bullying; emergencies; manual handling; consultation and legislation. Printing Industries staff should always be consulted for advice when considering changes in your workplace policies or practices. Compiled with the assistance of WorkCover NSW, the majority of resources have national application and relevance.
(1) Legislation (6) Slips, Trips and Falls (11) Manual Handling
(2) Consultation (7) Plant and Equipment (12) Shift Work
(3) Risk Management (8) Workers Compensation  
(4) Chemical Management (9) Workplace Bullying  
(5) Noise (10) Emergencies  
How can an advisory visit from WorkCover assist you?
1. Legislation
Summary of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011
2. Consultation
Work health and safety consultation, cooperation and coordination: Code of practice - January 2012
3. Risk Management
Due Diligence at Work
Risk Assessment: Code of Practice
4. Chemical Management
Chemical Emergency Guide
Code of Practice: Dangerous Goods
Essential Chemical Controls for Australian Printers
5. Noise
Noise Fact Sheet
Noise Management and Protection of Hearing at Work: Code of Practice
6. Slips, Trips and Falls
Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls: Guide
7. Plant and Equipment
Boiler / Pressure Vessel Item Registration - (PB1) Application Form
Machine Guarding: Principles
Machinery and Equipment Safety - An Introduction
8. Workers Compensation
Claims and Benefits
Resolving Problems and Disputes About Workers Compensation
Service Providers and Other Assistance
Employers / Return-to-Work Program: Guidelines
Your Recovery and Return to Work After a Workplace Injury
9. Workplace Bullying
Preventing and Responding to Bullying at Work
Bullying Risk Indicator
Bullying - Employer Checklist
10. Emergencies
First Aid in the Workplace: Guide
11. Manual Handling
Manual Handling Hot Spots
Manual Handling Risk Guide
Manual Handling Legislation
Manual Handling - A Safer Workplace
12. Shift Work
How to Manage Shift Work: Guide


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