Members Sales Training Kicks off in Melbourne

July 20, 2018 / Comments Off on Members Sales Training Kicks off in Melbourne


Shane Mahar joined the PIAA team in Melbourne this week to host his two-day Gaining Sales Mastery training program. Attendees covered a range of sales areas specifically focused on the print industry and were mentored one on one through sales scenarios relevant to their businesses.


Shane is a nationally recognised leader in sales training, having hosted hundreds of courses across dozens of industries. Shane recognises the importance of driving print business growth through sales “A focus on growing sales is the best approach to a competitive market place, our program aims to grow businesses sales by 37% through better handling conversion, objection and retention. It was a great couple of days in Melbourne and I am looking forward to hosting again with PIAA.”


CEO Andrew Macaulay was keen to recognise the benefit in providing co-hosted training programs between PIAA and training provider National Training & Development. “I am pleased to see members taking advantage of the programs being offered exclusively to PIAA members. In years passed the association has hosted Shane and the National Training & Development team on many occasions, we were delighted by the interest shown from members and will continue to offer these opportunities as part of our membership package.”


Attendees receive an 111 page training resource and were awarded a certificate of successful completion presented by PIAA and National Training & Development.


PIAA will offer further courses on leadership and sales training in the coming months. Please contact us to register your interest at If your business has several team members who are interested, Shane can adapt the program to be run on site after work hours – contact us to learn more.