Eco Efficiency

Eco-Efficiency is a concept that links environmental and financial performance. It does this by focusing on the development, production and delivery of products and services that meet human needs while progressively reducing their environmental impact throughout their lifecycles. Eco-Efficiency essentially means doing more with less - using environmental resources more efficiently in economic processes. The application of Eco-Efficiency is undertaken, but not limited, by approaches and tools such as Cleaner Production and Environmental Management Systems.

Study shows Green Opportunity

A scoping study has been carried out to develop recommendations on implementing an Eco- Efficiency assistance program for the book production industry. The study was supported by the Book Production -Enhanced Printing Industries Competitiveness Scheme (EPICS), Infrastructure and Industry Growth Fund (IIGF).  

It was carried out by the Centre of Excellence in Cleaner Production, Curtin University of Technology (CECP), with the active support of Printing Industries Western Australia region. The scoping study (see report below) included Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.