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The environment is an essential part of Printing Industries work on behalf of its members. We work to present a united, cohesive industry voice to government and other industry sectors on environmental issues including the Packaging Covenant, Product Stewardship, Greenhouse Challenge, recycling and waste management and the promotion of environmentally friendly consumables. 

 In this section you can access a range of resources to help you develop and comply with environmental standards.

Printing Industries projects and resources developed over several years encourage environmental participation in company business plans and operations. Our policy on the environment promote:

  1. Sustainable development
  2. Environmental management
  3. Resource management
  4. Waste management
  5. Recycling

We have established a set of guiding principles which include:

  1. Encouraging the industry to adopt sustainable practises as a key element in ensuring the long term prosperity of the industry.
  2. Acknowledging that industry activities have both positive and negative effects on the environment. The adverse effects need to be minimised and if possible eliminated.
  3. Continuous improvement in environmental performance should be a standard goal for printing companies 
  4. Processes resulting in improvements in environmental performance should be viewed as a benefit and not as a cost.
  5. Being a “Green Printer” can help improve the bottom line through savings in waste disposal costs and raw materials, energy consumption, insurance (address worker safety concerns), and improved company image.
  6. Involvement in the National Packaging Coveant and the Greenhouse Challenge Plus and encouragement of our members to be similarly involved. 
  7. The essential raw material of the industry – paper is a renewable/sustainable resource this gives an important incentive for the other parts of the industry value chain to also engage in sustainable activities.


Find out what's happening in the environmental area and benefit from the resources being developed by Printing Industries. Check back regularly for updates.

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