The Environment Issue - Clean Printing - Be a Leader

This page is dedicated to the June 2007 edition of PRINT21 magazine which contained a major focus on the environment and the printing industry. The extracts below are considered to be of significant importance to industry members to justify being made available for their ongoing reference and are provided courtesy of PRINT21 magazine.
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Download Clearing the Air Clearing the Air  (pdf - 569.8 kb)
It’s a mess, isn’t it? With so many claims and counterclaims, knowing what to think, who to believe and, most importantly, what to do in order to be environmentally responsible seems ever more complex and confusing. Well, there are good reasons for this state of affairs but they shouldn’t be used as an excuse for inaction, writes Print 21 editor, Simon Enticknap.

Download Hard Times ... Or Great Expectations Hard Times ... Or Great Expectations  (pdf - 839.9 kb)
Being able to read tomorrow’s environmental demands is perhaps the most critical challenge facing businesses today. Get it wrong and the industry will be shunned for its dirty habits; get it right and print can look forward to a bright, clean future. Industry analyst, Tony Duncan, has some sound advice on how to manage this transition including knowing what to say and who to say it to…

Download Printers Win In Good Clean Competition Printers Win In Good Clean Competition  (pdf - 109.7 kb)
Competition and technology, not civil protests, have had the greatest impact on reducing negative environmental impacts, writes Phil Lawrence. In this regard, the printing and paper industries are a great example of what can be achieved through hi-tech advances and improved efficiencies.

Download The Real Price of Paper The Real Price of Paper  (pdf - 164.3 kb)
There are lies, damned lies and environmental reports which, for all their impressive rhetoric, can sometimes be little more than selfserving exercises in looking good. Kristina Holdorf is an expert at reading between the lines and asks how far we should go to disclose where and how paper is made.

Download Think Clean Not Green Think Clean Not Green  (pdf - 121.6 kb)
What does it mean to be ‘green’? it’s a question that is likely to prompt much chin scratching and furrowed brows among people in the industry, not to mention customers. According to a Tasmanian printer, however, when people talk green, what they really mean is clean. Mark D. Wells reports.

Download Sense and Sustainability Sense and Sustainability  (pdf - 145.5 kb)
Sustainable printing makes good business sense, argues Hagop Tchamkertenian, outlining some of the environmental initiatives being undertaken by printing companies to help lessen the industry’s environmental footprint – as well as improve their bottom line.

Download Turning a Blind Eye Turning a Blind Eye  (pdf - 246.1 kb)
Whether it is turning off the lights for earth hour or sorting the milk cartons from the coke cans, everyone wants to be a good environmental citizen these days. but are printers the exception to the rule? Mitchell Jordan takes a look at the industry through green eyes and discovers that it is a topic that few wish to talk about, let alone take on.

Download And Now For The Good News And Now For The Good News  (pdf - 191.9 kb)
You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to care about the environment—just ask the staff at Fairfax regional printers, Newcastle, where a new environmental management program has shown that anyone can make a difference.

Download Two industry actions in minimising environmental impact Two industry actions in minimising environmental impact  (pdf - 321.7 kb)
Two articles - Ricoh Ranks As A Sustainable Business and Fuji Xerox Setting the Right Tone(r).

Download Sustainable Solvents For The Superwide Sustainable Solvents For The Superwide  (pdf - 176.8 kb)
EFI has introduced its Vutek BioVu inks for the superwide sector, the first environmentally-friendly solvent inks made with totally renewable resources.

Download The Paper Trail The Paper Trail  (pdf - 597.8 kb)
These days there is an incredible range of different types of high quality paper that are designed to not only print very well but also minimise their impact on the environment. Rough old recycled is out—welcome to world of high-tech, alternative papers drawn from a variety of sources.