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Our Vision & Priorities

OUR VISION : A Dynamic and Sustainable Print, Communication and Information Industry

Printing Industries helps members identify opportunities to generate revenue; reduce the cost of doing business; manage their regulatory environment, and access appropriately skilled staff. Representation and leadership are crucial to sustaining the competitiveness, protection and development of the Australian printing industry. Printing Industries is committed to fulfilling these obligations by communication with government at all levels and by the advocacy of issues that affect your business.


  • To support an evolving industry
  • To help print businesses become more profitable and sustainable.
  • To enable print professionals to lead fulfilling careers and have a great quality of life.

Our Priorities:

  1. Growing into a powerful advocate that excites consumers, interests governments and inspires industry.
  2. Delivering high quality contemporary business services to support growing and declining business needs within the industry.
  3. Transforming ourselves to ensure that courage, professionalism and leadership define our work.

Revitalising our Association - Transforming the Industry

Printing Industries has a Strategic Plan to revitalise the Association so that it is better able to help support the printing industry move beyond being a manufacturing industry to an industry that encompasses marketing, information, communications and creative services.

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