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Priorities for Print

The Priorities for Print documents, distributed to all Federal members of Parliament, State Premiers and members focuses attention on the key imperatives for members and the wider industry. This easy to read but powerful publication can be downloaded here or you can contact your regional office for a printed copy.

Priorities for Print


The modern printing industry is adapting to the digital economy and moving beyond the manufacturing sector.

DOWNLOAD Priorities for Print here

Its operations now encompass services, information technology, communications and creative. This evolving print information and communication supply chain affects dozens of industry sectors in Australia.

The printing industry employs over 35,000 people directly and more than 110,000 people indirectly in over 6000 businesses.

In fact, if we combine all the sectors that are linked to the products and services produced by this broader industry, it is responsible for supporting and generating almost $56 billion in revenue; contributes more than $18 billion to the economy by way of gross value added; provides jobs for more than184,000 Australians across more than 26,000 businesses; and pays more than $11 billion in wages and salaries.

Print will remain an important communication vehicle in a digital economy particularly for advertising, education and entertainment. It serves all parts of the economy including federal, state and local government, financial services, retailing, distribution, travel and tourism and manufacturing.

Innovative packaging will contribute to the success of other areas of manufacturing such as processed food, health products and high-end engineering. Print is also crucial to maintaining high standards of literacy.

This paper seeks to ensure that MPs and Senators understand that print is a highly effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable medium.

It also makes recommendations to the Australian Government in a range of general business areas identified in conjunction with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry* to more specific issues relevant to the needs of our evolving sector. These areas include:

  1. Building A Strong Australian Economy for Print Businesses to Succeed
  2. Supporting Structural Adjustment in the Printing Sector through the implementation of an Industry Plan
  3. Promoting Innovation
  4. Improved Access to Finance
  5. Fair and Transparent Government Print Procurement
  6. Promoting the Environmental Credentials of Print
  7. Accessing Cost Effective Energy
  8. Developing A Skilled and Innovative Workforce
  9. Creating Fair, Flexible and Safe Workplaces.
  10. Accessing Overseas Workers to address Skill Shortages
  11. Ensuring An Efficient and Effective Postal Services
  12. Preventing Phoenix Businesses Activity
  13. Delivering An Efficient and Equitable Tax System
  14. Reducing Excessive Business Regulation

*Getting on with Business – Reform Priorities for the Next Australian Government & Small Business Too Big to Ignore Campaign

DOWNLOAD Priorities for Print here